If approved, this toxic project would send hundreds of thousands of barrels per year of tar sands oil from northern Alberta to the Pacific coast, where it would be loaded onto massive oil tankers and shipped down the coast.

Back in 2013, Texas pipeline giant Kinder Morgan proposed a new tar sands pipeline running from Edmonton, Alberta to Burnaby, British Columbia that would increase its capacity to 895,000 barrels a day. This new pipeline would be for exporting diluted bitumen, tar sands crude mixed with toxic solvents so it will flow through a pipeline, resulting in over 400 new oil tankers a year traveling up and down the west coast.

The risk of an oil spill that would devastate British Columbia's coastal waters mobilized people to come together and fight back in the hundreds of thousands. Over the next five years, we marched, educated, organized and risked arrest, until this spring, when Kinder Morgan announced that they where suspending spending on the project.

It was then that the Trudeau Government took the unprecedented step of using taxpayers’ money to buy the pipeline in a desperate attempt to keep the project moving forward. But soon after the deal was announced the Federal Court of Appeal quashed the permits for pipeline setting the project back yet again.

Today the Trudeau Government is attempting to keep the project on life support by restarting parts of the environmental assessment and consultation with First Nations.

More info https://www.stand.earth/campaign/stop-trans-mountain