If approved, Trans Mountain would violate the rights of Indigenous peoples living along the pipeline & tanker route. Already courts have found that the Canadian government failed its duty to consult impacted Nations.

Canada has passed into law the United Nation Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which includes the right to free prior and informed consent. This means that before a major project that will affect the traditional territories or resources of an Indigenous people can be built, it must have their consent.

“If we cannot have a say as to what goes on in our territories, free from economic coercion and threats, particularly in the case of dangerous projects like Kinder Morgan, Canada cannot say that it respects the rights of Indigenous Peoples,” said Chief Judy Wilson of the Neskonlith Indian Band, which is part of the Secwepemc Nation in BC, whose territory much of the pipeline would need to pass through.

The Trans Mountain pipeline still faces deep opposition from the many First Nations whose territory is impacted and yet the Federal Government has continued to push forward with project. Unfortunately this is just the latest chapter in a long sad history of Canadian governments failing to keep their promises to Indigenous peoples.   

The President of the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs, Grand Chief Stewart Phillip, calls on all of us to join with Indigenous peoples  in their opposition to this pipeline, saying “Now is the time to stand beside Indigenous people in support of our timeless struggle to defend Mother Earth. There is a battle being waged across the globe by Indigenous Peoples and their allies demanding a safe, healthy world for future generations. This is about water versus oil and life versus death, and ultimately, survival versus extinction.”

More info https://www.coastprotectors.ca/