The Orcas of the Salish Sea are under threat from the Trans Mountain pipeline

If the project is approved, a 700% increase in tar sands tanker traffic in the Salish Sea could spell the end for already-endangered Southern Resident Orcas. There are only 74 of these orcas left – will you join the fight against tell the NEB to cancel Trans Mountain and give their survival a fighting chance?

Hundreds of thousands of letters, emails, and faxes. Tens of thousands at public demonstrations. Hundreds arrested.

Protect the Orcas. Uphold Indigenous Rights. Safeguard our climate.

Join the campaign against the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

Your Orca Art

You’ve sent over a hundred Orca drawings and pieces of art to the National Energy Board. Take a look at them here:


ORcas on the brink

There are only 74 Southern Resident Orcas left in existence, and they’re teetering on the brink of extinction. If Trans Mountain goes through, it could spell the end for this iconic species.

The trans mountain pipeline and tanker project

If approved, this toxic project would send hundreds of thousands of barrels per year of tar sands oil from northern Alberta to the Pacific coast, where it would be loaded onto massive oil tankers and shipped down the coast.


Indigenous rights

If approved, Trans Mountain would violate the rights of Indigenous peoples living along the pipeline & tanker route. Already courts have found that the Canadian government failed its duty to consult impacted Nations.